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Have you ever seen demonstrations of Mind-Reading, Telepathy, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)  or Precognition on TV? Imagine actually seeing those abilities live and up close where you and your guests are the participants and collectively you experience the impossible.

In a nutshell that’s what I do.

My name is LAR and I’m a Mindreader, Mentalist and Entertainer originally from England but now residing in New Port Richey, Florida USA. If you’re organizing a party, an event or even just a social gathering at home and you’re looking to provide your guests with an amazing experience they’ll remember and talk about for years to come then that’s the service I provide.

If what you have read intrigues you and you want to know more then give me a call on 727-378-3332, drop me an email at, or fill out the form below with details of your particular event.